This fairly uncommon lapidary material is found high in the mountains north of Nuuk, Greenland in an area accessible only by boat. The 'Isuakasia' iron ore region in which it is found dates back almost four billion years and produces some of the oldest stones found on earth. Nuummite, of volcanic origin, was formed about three billion years ago. Subsequent heat and pressure transformed the original formation into metamorphic rock of extraordinary beauty. While similar to Labradorite, its schiller effect is due to its lamellar, fibrous structure. Its mixture of elongated crystals flash in gold, blue, greenish and reddish hues. While rocks resembling Nuummite are also found in a few places in the United States, it is only in the Greenland material that the color is sufficient for lapidary use. The captivating optical effect cannot be easily described. The areas of stone between the bright flashing lamellae are generally dark brown to black in color and can have some small cracks, although the best material is free of them.

Much has been written about the metaphysical properties of Nuummite and can be easily found on on the internet these days. While that is not my primary interest in this beautiful stone, I must admit that reflecting over the age of this rock along with its transformation through time and pressure into a fabulous gemstone is reminiscent of the focus of some spiritual traditions on a long process of hearing about, reflecting over and meditating on the deeper realities of existence.

I have a very limited amount of this material which is becoming increasingly expensive. Apparently there is considerable expense and work involved in extracting the best material from high in the mountains where it is found. I will be adding jewelry pieces as I get them finished and photographed.

Nuummite set in Argentium® .935 silver