To identify myself, I either stamp JHA or use the stylized JHA logo stamp seen in the lower right. Although I have a "sterling" stamp, I seldom use it. I prefer 925 to indicate Sterling silver.

I made quite a few pieces with Argentium® Sterling silver (.935) and marked them 925 to indicate that they meet the minimum purity for Sterling silver. They are also stamped with the Argentium® Flying Unicorn. Argentium® Sterling silver is actually .935 or .960 pure. So, more recently, I purchased a 935 stamp and have been using that, or stamping the individual numbers 935 or 960 as appropriate with a standard number set. Sorry for the confusion, but you can be certain that if the Argentium® Flying Unicorn stamp is present, the piece is made completely of Argentium® Sterling silver except, of course, in pieces where I have used both gold and silver together. If you see also 960, then the piece is made of the very pure .960 Argentium® Sterling silver.

Going forward, all Argentium® Sterling silver pieces will be marked with the Argentium® Flying Unicorn Logo and/or 935 or 960 as appropriate. If it is marked as 960, the silver sheet and wire from which the piece is constructed are all made by hand in my shop utilizing a Durston rolling mill and high-quality Italian-made draw plates. Look for an upcoming post on this process for those interested in jewelry-making techniques and processes.