This is the length of the inside of the bracelet from end to end not including the opening, that is, just the metal. I use a cloth tape measure or piece of paper snuggly wrapped around the inside of the bracelet to get this measurement.


This refers to the space between the ends of the bracelet at the narrowest point. It is the gap used to slip the bracelet on the wrist -- 1.0 to 1-1/4 inches fits most people.


This refers to the measurement straight across the inside of the bracelet at the widest point. This in combination with height is useful if you know the general shape of your wrist (oval or round). Wrists tending to be more oval will have more of a difference between these two measurements.


This refers to the inside height of a cuff bracelet at its maximum point. This along with the width can help determine fit, given that there are different shapes of wrists. Some wrists are more flat in nature and some more round.


This is the overall inside measurement or the INSIDE MEASUREMENT plus the OPENING SIZE.

I use a cloth measuring tape or piece of paper to measure the inside curved dimensions of cuff style bracelets. I would recommend measuring the wrist in a similar fashion at the point where one would plan to wear a bracelet to get an idea of whether it will fit. Measure a bit too loose rather than too tight. Please keep in mind that cuff bracelets with inlaid stones are not adjustable at all. Other cuff-style bracelets may be slightly if very carefully adjusted. I would recommend having a trained jeweler make adjustments as bending the arms of a bracelet can sometimes stress other parts of the construction unexpectedly. Also, adjusting them again and again is not a good idea as over time some solder joints can weaken. Please note that all of my jewelry is constructed by hand and not cast as one solid piece.


Link bracelets are easier to figure. I give the total length of the bracelet stretched out. Since some length is lost to fastening the clasp, measure comfortably around your wrist with a cloth tape or piece of paper or string and add 3/4 inch to 1 inch. For example, if your wrist measures 6-3/4 inches, a 7-1/2 inch bracelet should fit. Note that it is desirable for this style bracelet to be loose to some degree; how much so is a matter of personal taste.